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‘A Whole Lot of Rubbish’ by N.G.
I think that the amount of waste we are producing each year is absolutely ridiculous. 3.4 million tonnes of waste is huge and the question is, where is it all going to?
Landfills, rubbish dumps, waste water drainage systems, that’s where! They’re digging up our precious earth and dumping rubbish into it, only to cover it up and dig another hole somewhere else. And I thought we were supposed to be looking after the earth!
And after there’s nowhere else left to dig, what’s going to happen? Where’s all this rubbish going to be put? I say we put a stop to it and get the message out to all the billions of people on this earth, that, if we don’t stop this wasteful practice, then our planet is doomed to become one giant rubbish dump.
Reducing, Re-Using and Recycling our rubbish is the message we must and need to get out to all citizens of the world; NOW!
Our precious and delicate earth won’t be able to cope with it all, if we continue this wasteful practice; and... who knows what could happen? The possibilities are frightening.
I think that if we all participate in trying to do our bit to address this problem then maybe we can make a difference.
At home, we have 2 recycle bins and we bury our food scraps in the garden. Simple steps and really not that hard.
So, what do you do?

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